Monday, April 09, 2007

~Happy Easter~

Happy Easter to all of you. It was another blessed day in Alaska and we hope for all of you as well.

Scott and I were roused from sleep to many cries of glee and grinning eyes pleading to come hunt some Easter eggs
and rummage through Easter prizes. Cori explained that she and Cassi only found 1 or 2 eggs already but were ready to find more. Then she explained that she was sure there were more than the 8 in her basket. Apparently they had been up early and figured out there were easy eggs for Cali, which they did leave in place and harder hidden eggs for them. They got a jump on things before waking us up. They saved finding a few knowing Mom and Dad would want photos.

After a somewhat slow morning, we headed out to Grandpa's house. And it was off again for another hunt. The Easter Bunny hides the Easter baskets at Grandpa's house so the girls had to work for them. Cori found hers in the TRASH can, ewww! Cali really checked hers out and had a great time pouring tea
water) for everyone all day. I think Denali liked the tea the best. Cassi loved the new pants in her Easter basket and quickly
put them on.

AJ wrapped all the silver eggs in preparation for the big hunt later in the afternoon.

Amber surprised everyone by having her hair cut off the other day also so we took the opportunity to take a photo of the lack of hair in the family.

Around 3:00 in the afternoon we headed for Holly's house for the annual easter egg hunt. I don't know exactly how many we hid but considering it took me at least an hour to fill eggs, I am pretty sure I filled nearly 200 hundred, possibly more. Holly did a huge amount of them too. All of the kids had more than they needed and plenty to fill an afternoon with fun.

Like usual, we hid silver eggs. Growing up Grandpa hid 1 silver egg with a large amount of cash in it; we have since changed it to hiding many silver eggs with an assortment of prizes and cash. These are the coveted eggs and trust me when I tell WE fight for them. I never hide the silver eggs. This is mostly because I like to antagonize the kids and find them before they do. I listen for the clues just like they do and then push them down in the snow to get one step ahead.

The day is great fun for me and it takes me back to memories of my youth. I enjoy sharing those memories with my children and making new ones that they will look back on in years to come. As you might notice from the photos, no place is sacred and physical strength can come in handy. In the end the hardest eggs fall into to the hands of the oldest kids simply because the youngest are content to relax and watch the frenzy.

To some of us the fun is in the winning and then to some, well there is the cash!

And then to others, it's all about those beautiful colors and fancy Easter baskets.

Since Scott and Grandpa hide the hardest eggs worth the best prizes, they don't get to hunt for them. However, speaking from experience, they take the least falls and go home with the fewest injuries. And they comfort the fallen.

Once all the eggs have been found, everyone heads inside to see what they've found. Some of us use the opportunity to take more photos and eat...again.

Then we all go home realizing that, of course, it's worth it and gee, I'm glad we decided to do it one more year. And me, I am just wondering how many years I'll be digging out my 39 year old Easter basket to go find some silver eggs.

Happy Easter to All of You from All of Us!

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