Sunday, March 25, 2007

Alaska in Spring

Here are a few of those scenery shots I was telling you about.

These first two were on the 1st of March. We were on our way home from Anchorage and it was about 4:30-5:00 in the afternoon. The moon is visible but there was still plenty of light out.

A few days later on the 7th, while my Mom was visiting, we took a trip to Anchorage. Neither Scott or I thought to check the weather report the night before. When we woke up to a little snow, we didn't think much of it as if is often snowing a little here in Kenai and means nothing as to the weather in Anchorage. That day, it meant a lot! My Mom took these through the front window. She rode home in the backseat!

I think I heard 12-14 inches of snow had fallen that day, while we were away. This is our driveway.

Here are few of the girls and Scott the next day.

The day we drove to Seward was a much nicer day and we captured several great pictures. These were ones my Mom took.

This last one is at our house, looking into the woods at the end of the road.

We also saw a coyote on the way home. It was a little hard to catch on film but Scott managed to get these off before the little guy ran off.

The last day my mom was in town, we took a trip to the beach. There was still too much snow to walk around but looking out over it, the view was amazing. It was so clear that day you could actually see some of the platforms in complete view. I told my mom, it was so clear we could see guys waving at us! I don't think she believed me but it was so clear it wasn't hard to imagine.

It is days like those that make my heart swell. I feel closest to heaven those days I am at the beach looking across the at the mountains; my heart fills with joy. You may not feel it looking at these photos but maybe knowing it's what I feel will help you see it.

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