Sunday, May 01, 2011

amongst friends #75

The letter F~

Yet again, it’s been a while since I received everyone’s pictures. It actually took me a few minutes to find everything. I hadn’t saved some of them from email and thought I was missing a few. Sheila we are missing you this collage, I hope things look up for your family soon.

Now, onward.  Many of you are still sticking with your photo search and sending me pictures. Thank you and I am glad you are still at it.  I will get them all into collages as soon as I am able but also want to give those who are waiting for my postings before sending more pics a minute to get one to me.

This collage is for the letter F, in case I’ve completely confused you with my tardiness.

Karen sent me her feet picture a long time back. She sent in a few photos actually but I liked this one. It was different, and after having recently returned from the beach when I received it, I longed to be right back where she was while taking this photo.

Jerri sent in a different picture but I somehow deleted it. I don’t remember ever seeing it so I am glad she was able to take something new so quickly.
This is the floor in her entryway. It’s very beautiful. So is the ceiling above it. J

Sandy also has been keeping up well. I’ve had her photo a long while. She said she’d been playing about with an idea for a project...she used chocolate foils to make a foxglove blossom.  Sandy, my daughter recently had to make a poster for a teacher and used Hershey kiss wrappers that were made of red foil for Dorothy’s ruby red slippers. Great minds think alike!

Kelly sent in a picture of one of her favorite cookbooks. I think she told me she uses it a couple times a week. I have this one; unfortunately I don’t use it enough!

Janice’s picture of Family, Faces, Fair and Fun is perfect!  Janice, you’re hot in this picture, purple is definitely your color Momma!

Debbie’s picture of Logan is darling and I can understand why it’s one of her favorite pictures.   She said, “It reminds me of a Tom Sawyer/Huck Finn photo.  The mischief, the freckles, the frog.”  :)

Jenny sent in a photo of a fence in the fog.  I really like this photo. It reminds me a watercolor painting.  Jenny is another one who has been doing very well keeping up with sending in pictures. Thanks Jenny.

I was surprised Jocelyn was the only one to send in a flower photo.  I am not very knowledgeable about flowers but these are certainly lovely.

Mady sent in a cool photo and as always her commentary makes me smile. (If you caught my error when I originally posted her G descriptions- it’s all good. Her F descriptions are even better.  She said, “I've really been enjoying this alphabet game! I was able to find far more F's in this photo than I thought possible. Here goes: A fine fandango at the Farmer's Market -- found flourishing downtown -- full of farm fresh fromage, fancy finger food, and fragrant flowers. I was accompanied on this frolick by some fabulous friends. We feasted upon filling food and frequented the fantastic stands flaunting felted finery and fragrances. The finest moment was when a fetching young fellow sang one of my five favorite songs, I Will Follow You into the Dark. It was a first-rate feat of musical awesomeness. You might not have noticed, but F is my favorite letter :)

Mady, I think you are 15 years of awesomeness and I just want to mention my friend Jana, Kelly’s mom, would have LOVED you! ;)

Linda sent in a picture of Jimmy.  She said “So this is the First visit we have taken to Botanica in 2011 and we had a great time feeding the Fish. Jimmie got the biggest kick out of watching them attack the food.

Renee’ bought this her little Frankenstein as a gift for her daughter. I’m thinking I would probably keep him, he’s cute!

My picture, like Karen’s is of feet. But aren’t they the cutest little feet you ever did see. Especially looking all surfer-like!  They belong to darling Annie who spends the mornings with me occasionally.  I love her little tiny toes and all the rest of her too!

I am still moving forward and trying to keep posting. I have all the greatest of intentions to post G pictures in the next day or two. I have most of them so if you want to submit one, please do it soon so I can get that collage up. Then we will be up for H next Sunday.  Whew!

Have a wonderful week and keep your eyes open. There are lots of wonderful pictures to be had out there!

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