Monday, November 03, 2008

I Need Your Help

Please help me by responding to me via email or leaving a comment here. Most of you who know me or who have been to my home know we don't do a lot of decorating here. We are not professionals or even talented. If you were to describe the decor of our home it would be considered a cabin type look. There are a lot of animal mounts, rugs and skulls.

Here is my question to you; How does this look? The painting is by Vicki. I simply want to know if you like the elk antlers in front of the painting or not.

Next, would you hang a full mount (head and antlers) not bare skull and antlers on a red wall, in the kitchen, over looking your dining table?

Please take a minute to answer these questions. I need some decorative help here. Thanks.


Kim said...

Having never been to your home and having a totally different decorating style, perhaps I shouldn't even venture an opinion, but being an opinionated person by nature, I will :) I like the elk antlers in front of the the whole thing a 3-D look.

As for the dining area...I personally like to throw in a bit of whimsy in my decorating...just to shake things up. Something I think might look really interesting...and in keeping with the whole cabin/wilderness theme...have you ever considered stenciling meandering animal tracks across the wall? A set of nice moose or elk hoof prints would stand out againt the red, and given a soft curve to his path, would soften the look and add a bit of fancy to your eating area. Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

I'm not one for antlers of any kind in a house, so I'm definitely not the best person to ask. And the decorating in our house is absolutely minimal too. But I do really like the idea of stenciled animal tracks. Just make sure that whatever you do resounds with your heart and makes you smile when you see it.

This Girl loves to Talk said...

Well it definately seems americana to me.. no one in Australia decorates this way :).. I think it might be illegal to shoot animals except for wild pigs and kangaroos (they are a pest in farming areas) so you definately have a cabin in the woods/come hunting lodge going on.. if you like it .. go with it.. if not change it :)