Thursday, May 29, 2008

AJ the Soccer Man

A few days into the trip AJ started Regions. A tournament-like series of games to determine which teams will play in the State tournament. These are a few photos of the Boy in action. This particular game went into overtime, twice then onto a shoot out which Kenai won.

There would be no way for me to tell you what was going on here other than to tell you they gave it their all and in the end it worked. These photos are mostly of AJ-number 18, as I am sure you wouldn't know anyone else on the field. I think there are two photo that don't include AJ however I thought they were good shots and I liked the pictures. Unfortunately, I didn't get any good ones of Barry; I would have liked for you to see him in action as well. They have become men and it is very fun to watch them play. I only wish I had more photos of them in action in their early years; it would be fun to compare them.

The cheer squad was there throughout the entire weekend and grew as the weekend went on. They were brave, committed and loyal. It was cold and windy the entire weekend but they persevered and made a huge impact on the mental state of the team. They were fun to watch and to cheer with.

Cori, Amber and the other girls were there too but none of them would wear face and body paint! Wimps!

I hope you enjoy these. AJ is an excellent player and valued on the team. You will notice many shots of him taking goal kicks and corner kicks. He takes most of them due to his power and precision. In case you weren't aware, I am quite proud.


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