Sunday, July 22, 2007

~Cali LOVES Joey~

Just a short note to share some LOVE!

The other day I had an appointment so Cali and the girls were going to go stay with my friend Misty and her kids. Certainly by now, you all know about Misty's son Joey. Cali loves no one in the world more than Joey.

Anyway, Cali is not normally a fan of having her hair done nor is she to particular to her clothing. Simply said, she does not primp! Her sister's do but she doesn't!

When I told her she was going to go visit Joey she suddenly wanted me to give her a belt; a sure sign of primping in this house! And of all things, she wanted her hair done, like the "gurls"!

I stood her on toilet in the bathroom to fix her hair with a glittery butterfly clip and she told me to take her picture. What you see here is her own pose. I didn't really mess with her at all.

When we were all done, she said "Joey is going to love my belt and my hair, isn't he?"
" Yes, he is." I replied.

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